Make it happen!

As my maternity leave was coming to an end and the need to return the workforce grew closer, the thought of leaving my sweet baby made each day go by far too quickly.  I knew that I needed to come up with a way to be the stay at home mom, or more accurately, work from home mom, that I wanted to be.  I joked all the time with anyone that would listen about the many ideas I had.  I would call them my Shark Tank ideas that would eventually make me enough money that I could be there for every milestone that I wanted to witness.  However, big ideas cost a lot of money that a family with a new baby can’t imagine incurring. That being said, every person that I would tell my Shark Tank ideas to also knew that I, Emily Hayes, can make it happen…and it all started with figuring out a way to stay home.

My journey of becoming a work from home mom started as a nanny for a little girl.  She became an extension of my family.  I was asked on a daily basis when we were out if the two girls were twins because they acted like sisters.  It would warm my heart when one would look for the other when sleeping and how my daughter would crawl up to the extra crib on the weekends wondering where she was.  At the same time that I began to nanny, I also started a great opportunity to work as a part-time communications and marketing assistant.  What could be better?  I get to be with my daughter during the day, and get to use my undergraduate degree during nap time and at night.  This wonderful work life balance went on for six busy months of milestones, smiles and self exploration.  Summer came and went, babies became toddlers and the my Shark Tank ideas kept scrolling through my brain.

And then it happened…a friend asked me to take her engagement photos.  My love of lines, shadows, reflections and a shallow foreground became more than just my passion, they became a couple’s special memory.  The two hours spent creating art felt like ten minutes.  As I arrived home, I knew I need to make this passion happen!

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