…And it happened!

How often do you get asked to do something that you are really passionate about?!  Well, I can say that this has happened to me and boy did it feel amazing!

Gerson 3 wmMy friends’ story of how they met was very similar to how my husband and I met.  Absolutely romantic and falls into the category of everything happens at the right time.  Being given the honor of taking their photos was beautiful and reminded me that love is in the air as long as you have the one you love.  Sometimes, we can forget how much love one’s partner can bring them when work, babies, and life gets in the way.  Their love was contagious.  Watching them walk down the Sunday, quiet streets of downtown Durham, they had a glow.  One might think that it could have been the wind (and boy was there a lot of wind!); but no, it was unconditional true love.

Gerson 1 wmThe bride-to-be and I are attentive planners.  From the moment that the couple asked me to take their engagement photos, we started scouting locations.  We went into the session with a plan of exactly where we wanted to capture pure love; however, mother nature had a different, very windy idea!  That being said, we had a great time exploring different locations!  Finding the nooks and corners of Durham that we’ve walked by before and not bothered to explore the beauty.  Some of our favorite photos from the session were these locations that we paused our session to hide from the wind.  I feel that these surprise locations create the most beautiful and natural compositions.

I can’t wait to continue capturing their love as they become man and wife! Mazel tov beautiful couple!

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