You’re serious?!

As I had said, I am full of Shark Tank ideas.  At least two times a week, someone will get a phone call from me starting with, “I have a crazy idea…”  My first crazy idea was how to stay home with my sweet baby.  It took some fine tuning, rhythmic mommy sway, and ideal height table, but I get complete joy out of wearing a sleeping baby and working.  Now that I am doing something about one of my crazy ideas that will make my sweet baby proud, I feel a spectrum of emotions.  Excitement, frustration, passion and worry to just isolate a few.  However, as all of these emotions fill my world, I am grounded by the question, “so this photography thing–you’re serious?”

Why yes, I am very serious!  In business school, we were taught that every good product or service filled a need that wasn’t or hasn’t been filled.  After having worked with children of all abilities and their parents for over the last decade, I found that there is a need for someone who can a) take a good photos; and, just as important, b) understand, embrace and create a successful experience for children with special needs.  That’s a big set of shoes to fill, but I will do it!

For more information about how I will do this, click here!

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