Run, run, run!

This fun fall shoot made me think of the term, if you can’t beat ’em, join em!

41 bwAs with any other situation when working with kids, the introduction of the activity is a bit chaotic.  It is something new, fun and boundary testing.  When we started this shoot, there was lots of excitement, just like the first day of school.  When we added the pumpkin to the shot, we ran into a bit of a rolling situation.  Pumpkins are a new type of ball, right?  As we worked through minor redirections, different set ups and some alone time, we found a nice calm; just like a classroom with routine and order.  This is one of my favorite images of the session.  It shows the perfect balance of parental calm and childhood bliss.

25 bwAnd then it was time to run…and run…and run!  The location of this shoot welcomed these bursts of energy with ease.  We quickly realized that the straight away would lead to a great photo.  I used one of my favorite educational tricks, busy work with purpose.  These energetic kids moved the “family” blocks from one location to the next with great smiles and cheer!  The sense of accomplishment when the task of moving the block from point a to b made them ignore the request for them to undo it.  Everyone was happy and relaxed.

Here’s to many more session of embracing location and family fun!

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