Life can change in the blink of an eye

Life can change in the blink of an eye. as I sit here and think about how my perspective of the importance making every moment count has just increased ten fold. I just got off the phone with the principal of the school I taught at before having my daughter, with an extremely heavy heart and in complete shock. He told me that a previous student of mine passed away today. One that was happy, full of life and light up a room the minute he walked in. His story was one that every teacher lived for. He came to school excited to be there!

I loved photographing him during the school day.  As with many aspects of my classroom, documentation was everything. Rather than live behind a clipboard other form of data collection chart, my teachers assistants and I would photograph the task/activity/event and then document accordingly later on. For this sweet little boy, it was his favorite thing.  He would be hard at work and hear the click of the camera, lift his head and he ready for a full photoshoot. He had a smile that went from ear to ear and personality that went along with it. Don’t get me wrong, he would also fight you to see the picture and explore the technology (whether it be camera, phone or iPad). All that knew him, loved him dearly.

He lived in the moment! One of my favorite memories of this sweet boy was his first field day experience. One of my tas and I took him to the front of the school to engage with other students in the school and explore the cool down sprinkler that was set up. Boy did he explore it! In and out, sitting under the arches of water and enjoying a Popsicle! (We weren’t sure if he has ever had one, but he certainly enjoyed it from the first bite!)

As I think about these stories, it brings me back to photographing the little moments of a session–the moments that make the session count. They are the ones that everyone remembers of the session but sometimes don’t get photographed. As I think about this sweet boy, and all the little moments that we had together, I will remember to capture those little moments in every photo session.

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