25 wmThis sweet girl is one that will forever be in my heart.  Sabine is a previous student of mine and has a smile that will light up a room!  She is one of the reasons why this photography business is so important to me.  It is important to have the knowledge to make both the child(ren) and parents feel comfortable and safe, especially when working with children with special needs.  The knowledge of supports, bolsters, and accommodations, to just name a few, can be the different between an uncomfortable and stressful photo session and a natural photo session.
Sabine loves her Nana.  She will spot her and do whatever it takes to get23 her attention.  Do you want to know what she also loves?! Getting her photo taken!  Once she hears the click of the camera, she is all smiles.  Not just little smiles that are hard to catch; these are BIG, ear to ear grins. And with these big smiles, comes great personality and vocalizations, including EEEEEEE!  Sabine’s mom wanted to capture the best “EEEEE!” of their day, which was first thing in the morning when someone goes into Sabine’s room to get her. After a quick wardrobe change (did I mention that Sabine is also a fashionista?!), we were ready to recreate this special moment.   This moment could not have been more special.  Sabine was so relaxed and 14 wmhappy to be in a familiar place with her Nana right by her side.  She let out so many sweet “EEEEs” and was kicking her feet like she was going to run away with excitement.  As all of this was happening, I
peeked over the top of my camera and saw the happy and relaxed smiles of Sabine’s mom and Nana.  They were at ease seeing Sabine so happy and content.  This was natural for all of them.  There were not uncomfortable poses that created worry that Sabine might fall over.  There was calm.
This is why I  am creating this type of photography business–to ease the stresses that some families have when getting photos taken.  There should not be stress when capturing smiles.

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