Five Little Ducks…

17 wmFive little ducks went out one day…into the backyard so they could play and when they all came running back, one little duck had a scratch on his back! This was the theme of my family’s weekend adventure to Memphis. Five kids ages one month to six years old made for a fun and chaotic trip!

My little family of three hadn’t visited Memphis yet, and we were so excited! We had a new little family member and couldn’t wait to eat some yummy food! As part of the “deal” with visiting, I was asked to take some family photos as they could rarely find someone to take them because my brother in law is the photographer of the family. (Kinda hard to take the photo when you are behind the camera!)

We were ready! My sister-in-law and I got the kids matching outfits, we had jelly beans ready as bribery and I had a shutter happy finger to try and catch as many smiles as I could before someone walked away. We first took individual photos where each child gave me awesome personality! It’s amazing when to call a child’s name, their first response. Sometimes I would get a smile, while other times I would get a, “who are you talking to?!” look. Friedman Boys wm

Then there was the big task of the group shot. One might say this could fall into the category of herding cats.  With four adults, five kids, three scooters and only a half bag of jelly beans left, we began the 25 minute journey of trying to get everyone to look in one direction. From calling names to making funny noises, the task became almost a game to the five little ducklings of who was going to get up and waddle away.  But alas, with the quick whit of two teacher mommies and stern voices of daddies, we managed to get one organized shot!  Here’s to giggles, jumps and the occasional run away little duck!19 bw wm21 bw wm20 bw wm


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