The Perfect Location

7 wmStill being new to the Raleigh-Durham area (yes, I was a teacher meaning the school year wasn’t a great time to explore), I am always up for exploring different locations, especially when the exploration happens after a rainstorm.  And this need for exploration led me to the Raleigh Rose Garden.  Who knew that such an amazing gem was tucked into an urban neighborhood.  I was beyond surprised by how many roses were still in bloom in November.  Just another positive of living in the south, where the first frost isn’t until at least late November or December.

The beautiful mix of large mature trees, perfectly manicured rose bushes 11 wmand stone structures made the puddle jumping worth it!  That being said, I still managed to land two feet into the squishy mud.  My sweet baby thought that this was the funniest thing of the day.  She laughed until she fell, especially when I attempted to scoot out of the mud.  She kept saying, “squish, squish, squish” and giving me a cheesy grin.

I can’t wait to continue finding these hidden gems as I am taking the time to enjoy my surroundings.

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