Darth Bear and Mia Bear

Who knew how much fun two Build-A-Bears could bring to a mini session?! Darth Bear and Mia Bear helped to make the transition into this mini shoot quick and stress free.  I have known L and R for about a year and know that transitions can be tough, so I was super happy when we were able to focus our conversation on Darth Bear and Mia Bear as we made our way to the pile of leaves.
davoile 11 wmPrior to this mini shoot, their mom had expressed how hard it is for them to get formal photos taken due to L’s ability to stay focused and smile.  I assured her that we would capture some great smiles during this mini session and boy did we catch some! The key to a great smile is a great connection–and today’s connection was talking about the felt owl pieces that I brought and Darth Bear.  The owls hung on the trees, flew high in the air and became buried in the leaves.  Darth Bear turned L from a slow poke to a fast poke as he was running to touch the tree!Davoile wmThese two love their mommy so much and couldn’t wait to give her some cuddles after running.  This was such a sweet moment for this family as we journeyed together to find smiles that are sometimes hidden.  This is why I do this.  Smiles are meant to be shared!4 wm

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