Everything is BIGGER in Texas!

blog 37What a better way to end 2015 than with our FIRST family vacation!   And what a better place to venture than one that my husband and I have not been to?!  As we landed, the butterflies of excitement appeared for many reasons–the family time, the food, the photography and the fun!  My husband spent weeks preparing for our Austin adventure by researching various restaurants, food truck and bodega markets.  I, on the other hand, spent weeks researching parks, museums and cityscapes.  Between the two of us, we thought we were ready.  Did I mention that we were also toting our sweet 14 month old with us? Oh yes, how vacations change!

30 WM

While we dealt with many BIG meltdowns and temper tantrums, we found that a nice balance can be had. Balance is key!  I remember that vacations used to be about what was fun for us, sleeping until 10 and then heading to a extravagant brunch; but now, it’s about fun for the whole family.  The balance that worked for our little family included a lot of unstructured fun and city exploration.  The teacher side of me had a hard time grasping this as we left the hotel each morning.  We didn’t have an organized plan and it drove me nuts!  However, as the hours went on and the days passed, the feeling of unstructured time became comfortable and happy.  The sweet smile of my sweet girl and happy eyes of my relaxed husband made me realize that sometimes you have to abandon your plan and just go.

36 wm

When I say go, GO! Take what the next block has to give with open eyes.  Juan In A Million was that! As we would start our adventures with the sun rise (why would a 14 month old sleep passed 5:00 am on vacation?!), and we would hit the street searching for all that Austin had to offer. We continued seeing people eating breakfast burritos and hearing the name Juan In A Million.  We had to get our hands on these breakfast burritos!  They looked delicious and it became a challenge to get to a food truck or brick and mortar before nap time! The challenge was won bright and early with a table full of tortilla chips, hot salsa and breakfast burritos.  Not only did it fill our bellies but filled our hearts with the hope of BIGGER vacations in the future!

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