…January 1st again

January is always an interesting time for me, a new calendar year and my birthday squished into one month.  It’s a great opportunity to jump on all of the stereotypical resolutions like going to the gym, eating healthier or spending more time outside.  It is also a great time to make new birthday goals! This is something that I started doing for myself when I was in college.  Unlike a resolution that often doesn’t have definitive milestones, I feel that a goal is a more attainable action of an attribute that already exists.  Much like an IEP goal, objectives are key.  The stepping stones to get through the path make the idea of a goal far less intimidating. With my new photography/blogging venture, it is only appropriate that I share my New Years/birthday goals…in proper IEP goal way.

IMG_58001. Emily will focus 30 minutes a day on herself at least 5 days a week.
As with many moms, I have fallen into going to the moon and back for my sweet baby and husband and sometimes forget to do things to make me happy.  Throughout my 28th year, I want to make sure that I take the time to do something for me each day.  My friend Keri (a wonderful mommy that has changed her life for the better in mind, body and soul), has shared her quick tips to make sure that I get a few minutes of me time.  I loved her idea of putting things into perspective and manageable time quantities.  For example, when we were talking about reading (and not picture books…), she suggested reading for 15 minutes a night rather than sitting and trying to read for hours.  As I have started this, I have been able to make my way through a book and the first month of the year isn’t over!

IMG_5011 2. Emily will challenge her cooking skills once a week.
I love to bake desserts, can withstand cooking breakfast dishes and will handle a new recipe.  My dear husband is the one that does a lot of the major cooking in our house; however, he is a busy man (who isn’t know a days?!) and trying to get a variety of dinners on the table for #theadventuresofsj isn’t always easy.  She could eat mac’n’cheese and clementines everyday for her entire toddlerhood if I let her, so variety is key! During my 27th year, I would prepare all day (two meals and lots of snacks) but still manage to get to 5:45 pm without a solid dinner ready for her. The first step towards this goal was to open my eyes. Open my eyes to the opportunities that are right in front of me! I had been going to the UNC Wellness Center for months. I walk by the ads for the many classes they offer on a daily basis. One day, I literally opened by eyes to actually read one of the ads and was shocked about the value, personally and financially, that their cooking classes were!  I can’t wait to work on this goal one cooking class at a time.

IMG_53703. Emily will connect with friends once every two weeks.
Let’s be real, life gets in the way of friends sometimes.  Work, kid(s), laundry and errands can fill our days that at one time was filled with friends.  I feel that I have become what I said I wouldn’t.  I have lost friendships and close connections to people because I didn’t want to miss one moment with my sweet girl.  My priorities shifted, as they should have, to be more of a homebody.  I became happy with taking neighborhood walks and sweet baby snuggles.  I wouldn’t change it for the world but I am realizing now that she is going to grow up and not need me in the same ways that she used to.  I need to make sure that I maintain the relationships that I had once created and cherished.  We need to talk about more than babies and all things that come along with them.  We need to enjoy being with each other so that when we are with our babies (toddlers), we can really enjoy them too!

And so it begins, another year and more goals to help me strive to be the best 28 year old wife, mother, friend and person that I can be!


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