A Birthday Lunch

IMG_4634 As the birthday celebrations come to an end for this year, I am realizing how different birthdays are now that my sweet girl came into my life.  Birthdays used to be month long extravaganza, starting with prepping for a big birthday weekend of events and then recovering from it.  I would need a new outfit, mani/pedi and probably something sparkly for around my neck. Now I am just thankful to get a shower, drink an entire cup of hot coffee, and not forget anything as I leave the house.

IMG_4639 Call it mom brain, call it too busy for my own good, call it what you’d like but I always walk out of the house without something.  My favorite thing to leave behind is my phone.  I’ve left the house, driven away and go to make a call through the bluetooth and it’s not there.  My favorite memory of this, was our first Thanksgiving with #theadventuresofsj. We planned down to the detail of how many wipes we needed based on how many diapers we thought she would use (…first time parents).  We had the baby, stroller, toys, suitcases, snacks and keys, in the car at 6:00 am.  Turned the car on and saw that my bluetooth was connected to the car.  GREAT! We had everything!  Just as the garage door is closing and we are down the road at the stop sign and the bluetooth disconnects.  Reverse a few feet and reconnects.  PHONE WAS NOT IN THE CAR!!   Open the garage again and begin the search.  6:30 am, still looking! Oh and on top of it, it’s on silent.  6:45 am and phone found! “Hidden” exactly where I put it down to put on my sneakers…oh the memories that make holidays memorable.

IMG_4646 Year 28 is going to be full of memories.  This year, these memories started with a simple lunch with coworkers.  A simple lunch of pizza and ice cream with laughs and a side of photography.  The memories will continue with a balance of embracing the memories and capturing them.


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