Valentine’s Day

12 wm

Valentine’s Day is my FAVORITE holiday!  Birthdays are a close second but there is nothing like Valentine’s Day in my mind.  A day to formally and genuinely announce your love to family and friends is something that needs to happen more than once a year but it doesn’t.   That love that you have for someone like the love you have for your child the first time you see her.  The love that is so pure and strong it hurts!  Every year I begin to share my love of Valentine’s Day with people and often get questioned as to why I have such a love for this holiday and there isn’t just one reason.  13 wm
There is the love between friends, the love between a mother and her child, the love between spouses and a child’s love of life.  Over the last 12 months, I have experienced a child’s love of life everyday.  It is such a unique love that it would be considered happiness–sweet childhood happiness.  Watching a sweet smile appear out of no where.  Participating in the light bulb moments of development.  Cleaning up the messes of exploration.  All of these are happiness manifesting in the purist of fashion.   19 wm

My sweet girl has been attending Nido in downtown Durham for the last six months. The love that she has for her friends and teachers radiates when there (well…most days…remember she’s a toddler).   One set of her friends at Nido shows their love everyday!  They are not siblings by blood but you would never know it.  The love that they have for one another shines more than words can explain.  As S walked up to the photo shoot, Lis (his mom) mentioned that he had a hard time getting ready.  When he saw A, you would never know that he was having a toddler moment for Lis.  He was smiling from ear to ear and began to follow every direction that was given.  S and A were in their own world during the photo shoot.  They loved making faces at each other, exploring the little treasures they found on the ground and the trip to the playground when we were done.  These moments of love make me excited to share my excitement of Valentine’s Day with all.  I hope everyone had a lovingly wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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