Hidden Treasures


3My husband consistently says that my life would not be complete without many jobs and lots of hobbies.  As I am working on pairing them down to just a few, I am witnessing such amazing treasures that one can only see when you stop and smell the roses…or putting a toddler in her car seat.  All of my work (Beth El Synagogue–follow us on Facebook and Instagram!) and play (Nido Durham–sweet coworking and childcare space–follow them on Facebook and Instagram too!) are located within one mile of each other in Durham.  This allows for travel by car and foot on a pretty regular basis.  The travel by car isn’t normally a successful treasure hunt, but the travel by foot is always a winner!  Just taking a simple brain break walk, entices the senses and engages my love of big city life with small city feel.


When my husband and I first moved to North Carolina, I was miserable.  I missed that small urban city that I grew to love in Buffalo and Rochester.  I missed the close knit, six-degrees of separation community, where no one was ever a truly “new” person.  Living in a town that has a strip mall and big box stores on every corner, I couldn’t wait to figure out a way to get back that community.  Well, it took me some time (three years and one sweet toddler) to realize that I just had to look a little harder to find the close knit community that I wanted…no needed.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a great, close knit community while teaching, but then things changed.  The saying that babies change everything is so true.  I needed a different kind of community that wasn’t happening on my neighborhood walks.  Through some soul searching and long conversations with my mom (every girl needs her mom!), I realized what I was missing and was on a mission to find it.


I tried many activities to find that niche I was missing. I tried music classes, library classes, and even mommy meet up groups. All of these were fun for #theadventuresofsj but left me wanting more. I wanted to be around people that make me have the warm and fuzzy feelings. I realized that I was looking for the hidden treasures–and to my surprise, there are a lot! By putting my crazy “shark-tank” ideas into the air, I began attracting other hidden treasure seekers. By looking at the play areas of museums and parks in an out of the box way, the hidden treasures were popping up everywhere. I began to fall back into my comfort zone and it showed. I smiled more, cherished the little things–like a cool wall or exciting cloud formation, and began to speak my mind…again. I challenge you to find the hidden treasure that make you happy, that make you stop and smell the garbage (Oscar the grouch reference) as well as the roses.

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