3 wm

DIY (do it yourself) is my FAVORITE topic!  As a teacher, I would have to be ready to make something out of nothing.  Whether it was classroom designs, lesson activities, or just a new organizational system, DIY options were always the best.  Now, my DIY projects are geared towards the busy work from home mom lifestyle.  Pinterest is exploding with different DIY options and is always open on my phone with many DIY project boards ready for production.  My favorite pins are the ones that are solo pictures.  They are just as exciting as IKEA furniture directions.  Give me a picture and  let me figure out how to create it!  This format gives a little ambiguity and option for extra creativity.   Take an idea from one picture and another from the next, create something new and sit back with a smile.  Complete creative bliss.

5 wm

There is nothing that I won’t try to make at least once…maybe twice :D.  Some of my favorite creations include a bookcase, switch toys, magnet board and last but certainly not least, a sensory bin for #theadventuresofsj.  Rewind a year, I had two wanting-to-stand infants for many winter long days in our home playroom.  This was a problem, so there had to be a solution.  They weren’t ready for walking toys and they were getting bored of the interactive music tables.  That solution was an infant size sensory bin.  One nap time of Pinteresting, one trip to Lowes, another nap time of PVC puzzle work and BAM! adjustable sensory bin.  The girls spent weeks standing, throwing, picking up and dumping–meaning that this was a DIY success.  Fast-forward to a HOT March day, and the sensory bin has transitioned to a taller water table! Throw in a few reusable ice cubes, sponge balls and plastic cups=hours of fun!   6 wm

One of the best things about DIY projects is that you can add/adjust/take away and it’s never wrong.  For instance, our magnet board in the playroom gets new “people” on a consistent basis.  This allows for new vocabulary, new conversations and new experiences.  When the girls were using the sensory bin at seven and nine months old, the legs were ten inches.  Now, the legs are 13 inches, a perfect height for #theadventuresofsj to engage in scooping and dumping.  All through minor “edits”, these DIY projects have been enhanced to become better DIY projects.  Here’s your challenge–go to Pinterest/DIY Network/your favorite blog and find something that makes you happy, that makes someone in your life happy, and do it.  Share your DIY project in the comments section!

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