Sweet Moments

26 wm

Life is busy, plain and simple.  We all say that we want to stop and smell the roses, that we want to cherish the little moments in life.  But let’s be real, this is much easier said than done.  We each have our own way of attempting to carve time out of our days for these little moments that create the longest lasting memories.  I personally have a variety of organizational systems that save me five minutes here and ten minutes there.  These systems include weekly meal planning with mass cooking/chopping/preparing on Sunday evenings, a paper calendar with complimentary google calendar to organize all of the various events that make up my family’s schedule, and consistent daily “me” time to keep my thoughts organized so that I can stay focused.  With all of these systems in place, my family has come across many opportunities for these little moments.  These little moments allow for #theadventuresofsj and myself to sneak in an extra game of peek-a-boo, an extra song, and or the extra few moments to let her help me with daily tasks like putting laundry in the washer or getting spices out of the pantry.

25 wm

I was able to catch one of these sweet little moments during a photo session for my friend Keri Baker.  We had a two fold photo session planned- the first half with more formal promotional photos of her and the second half of her cooking.  We flew through the first half, having fun, laughing and creating some great images.  When we returned to her home, her sweet baby A was resting and her extremely independent and sometimes sassy daughter S was relaxing in front of the TV.   We thought it would be fun to try and capture a few shots with S, if she was willing.  With minimal bribing, S was totally into the idea of cooking…and sitting on the counter, but hey, whatever works right?! What we thought was going to be a short lived activity, turned into a sweet moment for Keri.  Keri rarely gets these sweet moments with S because as Keri would say, she a three’nager with an attitude to go with it.  If it’s not S’s idea, it’s a no go.  However, the sun, stars and moon aligned on this Saturday morning and Keri was able to let her guard down and share one of her passions with her daughter.  There was no fighting, no tantrums, just a sweet moment.  A moment filled with conversation about the color, smells and mixing techniques. A moment that is unlike the rest of the moments that make up their everyday lives.

31 wm

As the muffins were cooking and life throughout the Baker household retuned to its normal craziness; there was a sense of happiness on Keri’s face.  She was able to appreciate the time she had with S, instead of thinking that she just had to make it through the activity.  As I reflected on this sweet moment, I thought about how it must look to an outsider when #theadventuresofsj and I have a sweet moment.  How we seem to be in our own little world with genuine laughter, simple enjoyment and meaningful memories.  Share a sweet moments memory in the comments below!


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