Some more s’mores

1 wm

There is nothing better than a warm, gooey s’more. The kind where the marshmallow is so perfectly toasted that it’s golden brown on the outside and practically liquid on the inside.  S’mores can make some not so tasty versions of ingredients taste just a little bit better.  For example, this past week was Passover.  An eight day holiday where you need to have a detailed, well thought out menu to make the need for carbs not seem so hard.  As I was planning out my family’s menu, some creative dessert ideas popped into my mind.  Chocolate dipped fruit, matzah toffee and then it hit me…MATZAH S’MORES!  I was beyond excited to have #theadventuresofsj try her first s’more.

3 wm

This excitement that I had was similar to the first time I had made a s’more.  I was seven and it was my first time at Girl Scout camp. The counselors had been preparing my group for the week for our first overnight. They talked about cooking over a fire, sleeping in a lean to, and only having a lantern once the sun went down. We talked about the special dessert we would have before we went to bed. All of this had me super excited. I remember telling my mom about all that we were going to do and that I wasn’t going to come home. I mean what kid isn’t excited about marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers?! The night arrived and the hunt for the perfect s’more stick was on! As my counselors were carefully explaining the process of roasting the perfect marshmallow, I was amazed with each crack of the fire.  The white quickly became a golden brown, and my marshmallow was ready for a cozy home between the Hershey bar and graham cracker. The bites were delicious and the memory has forever stuck in my head.

2 wm

Like many childhood memories, I can’t wait to share the same experiences with #theadventuresofsj! What makes these experiences even better the second time around is her excitement.  #theadventuresofsj loved her first s’more!  She sat there squishing the two pieces of matzah together, watching the marshmallow ooze out the sides, and pulling one piece of matzah and licking the chocolate.  Her giggles and fidgets of joy were contagious as she waited patiently for the next piece to be given to her . Here’s to many more second time around firsts! Share your favorite “second first” moment in the comments below!

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