Toddler Friends

10 wm

There is nothing better than watching your child’s personality grow and develop.  Each day brings new firsts, smiling surprises, and tantrum filled frustrations.  I love seeing the new connections that #theadventuresofsj is making as we roll until summer.  Some days it’s something small, like becoming more efficient with a spoon; other days, it’s something big, like alternating her feet when walking up the stairs.  Each toddler is different and that’s what makes being an early childhood educator so much fun.  To see a classroom full of growth and development each day is the best! One subject that I hear on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis is their toddler’s social skills.  Some are worried that their toddler isn’t social enough and others are worried that their toddler is too social!

2 wm

Last month, #theadventuresofsj had her first strawberry picking experience with a friend from school.  #theadventuresofsj woke up talking about picking strawberries, even getting upset when we did not get out of the house fast enough.  As we arrived at Waller Family Farm, a great farm that was the perfect speed for toddlers and had some livestock for toddler animal sound moments, the excitement was beaming from her car seat.  While walking up to V and her mom, #theadventuresofsj shied away but acknowledged that she was there.  We began to pick, gather and eat the delicious strawberries and the girls opened up to each other.   What was so awesome about each of their experiences was that each one was able to engage at their own pace and interest — V wanted to walk through the strawberry rows and #theadventuresofsj wanted to take one bite of each strawberry and throw the other half (see photo below).  The two girls started to slow down and scatter, so we decided that we need to move on.  During a snack break, the girls showed their personalities through sharing, silly faces and genuine concern for the other.  Then we (the adults) were amazed by what we saw next.  The care and compassion for each to see the “cows taking a bath” and need to see the chickens was sincere and sweet.  One waited for the other and both made sure that the other saw everything.


All in all, toddler friendships are adorable and as real as friendship comes.  If one toddler doesn’t like something, she walks away.  Toddlers take what they want and so quickly forget when their feelings get hurt.  There isn’t any caddiness, passive aggressiveness or all around rude behavior.  It’s simple and pure.  Maybe adults need to take more cues for friendships from toddlers?! Share you toddler friendship story in the comments below!

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