Family Adventure

1 wm

There is nothing better than an adventure.  I have always been a, “life is what you make it,” kinda girl. If there was a way to experience something, I would figure it out. There was no limitation that stopped me from making it happen, especially when it came to going on an adventure. The adventures could be small like traveling all day to see a landmark locally, or large, like traveling half way across the world to run a circle time for a group of four year olds (I had an awesome opportunity to teach in Israel…amazing!). This love for adventure is what drew me to my husband.  On the exterior, he is a very fact based person (I guess that’s what comes with marrying a sports reporter) but on the interior, he’s all about following your passion. We would start a day off with driving down the road (in Buffalo, NY) and see what we could find. In Buffalo, we were 15 minutes away from Niagara Falls, 60 minutes away from Rochester, NY and 90 minutes away from Toronto, Canada! The adventure possibilities were endless. This was all pre-#theadventuresofsj, so we would get our adventures started closer to lunch and be gone the entire day.  Now our adventures start a little earlier (around 6:15 am) and need a nap time break in the middle. On the rare occasion that we can adventure late in the day, we jump on it!

4 wm

We had been looking for a good ice cream place, and my co-workers raved about Maple View Farms.  When we googled the location, it was 30 minutes away from our house.  Normally, this would be a short adventure and we would be totally up for a highway adventure but #theadventuresofsj isn’t always the best car kid; however, we were up for the challenge, especially with the end prize being ice cream.  We loaded up and headed to Chapel Hill.  #theadventuresofsj LOVED the drive–there were other farms, beautiful fields and cows.  What toddler doesn’t love a cow?!  She was so excited that when we arrived she screamed, “ICE CREAM PLEASE!”  The Maple View Farm dairy store was amazing!  Everything from the wrap around porch and rocking chairs, to the employees and ice cream was perfect! The ability for #theadventuresofsj to have that old school ice cream experience was priceless.  She sat for an hour, taking in the farm, listening for the cows and scooping spoonfuls of delicious chocolate ice cream as the sun was setting.  The entire ride home, she talked about the ice cream, the little dog that she pet and that daddy shared his ice cream.  This adventure was one of the first for our family (and will definitely be a repeat!)–that ended with a delicious pint of chocolate milk the next morning for breakfast.

2 wm

From this adventure, my little family of three has taken a few more adventures.  As we explore more of North Carolina, I have found how much fun this new type of adventure can be.  I now know how excited my parents were when they would take me on an adventure.  How my enthusiasm for the adventure made them so happy.  Share a family adventure memory in the comments below!

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