Baby Fever

4 wm bw

It has happened. The baby fever that many other moms have told me about has set it. The pretending to rub my belly like I would when I was pregnant, hearing how #theadventuresofsj is getting so big and is not a baby anymore, and putting all of the “baby” things away has confirmed that I have baby fever…and I have it bad!  The want for another baby every time I see a pregnant woman or newborn has become so apparent that others are beginning to notice. Do I really want another baby right now?! The answer is flat out no. Do I want one eventually, yes! So why is it that the yearning for another baby when the first is quickly turning two so predictable?! To make feelings even more exciting, I got to hang out with sister in law who is expecting her first baby in June.

7 wm bw

My sister in law was not totally on board with having maternity photos taken but was happy to help me expand my portfolio. She, like many other pregnant mommas I know, was not super excited to focus on her belly for photos. She had a hard time seeing the beauty of her expanding family and being comfortable with the “belly-tention”, you know, everyone waiting to see the baby kick.  It wasn’t until we were away from our husbands making jokes about how silly some positions for photo set ups were, that I was really able to express how awesome and beautiful this moment was.  Nine months feels like forever, but the amount a woman’s body and mind changes in that short time is incredible. The progression goes from exciting and scary to painful and anxious with every other emotion in between. While pregnant, you miss some of those emotions but after you yearn for those cuddly close moments that only you and your sweet baby share as that sweet baby slowly slips away into toddlerhood.
5 wm bw

As I sit here in a rare moment of toddler cuddles, I think about all of the excitement of one day being pregnant again. Until then, this baby fever will have to burn and the googly eyes towards new babies will continue to on. Share your baby fever story in the comments below!

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