2 wm

Honor — a short word that carries depth and meaning. It’s used on a daily basis when major news networks report about various service people and local heroes. It pops up on my newsfeed in forms of status updates, photos and videos. Is there a right way to honor someone? Do you call them? Post a meaningful social media post? As we take a day to honor all those who have served our country this weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to help one family honor their loved ones who have served.

11 wm

This family contacted me for a session to honor a dad and grandfather. Both had served in the army and had many stories to share that the eldest child A was able to connect to. Mom took pride in showing and explaining the importance of a salute, using words like respect and honor.  She took the time to make sure their salutes were angled correctly and appropriately placed.  One could tell that the kids were getting frustrated at times, but she continued to take the time to explain the importance of this physical representation of respect and honor.  By the end of the session, the youngest daughter and I were checking out the photos we had taken and she said how happy her daddy was going to be to see them.  Through this process of creating meaningful photos, we were able to give E the opportunity to understand what honor means through more than just words.

8 wm

As my family is getting ready for Memorial Day with our BBQ plans organized and possible parade plans figured out (you know, how much can you really plan with a toddler and possible bad weather?!); I think about how my husband and I will one day go through the same process of teaching honor to #theadventuresofsj.  How we will take the time to explain and make sure that she truly understands the meaning — that Memorial Day is more than just a day off from school and cookout.   Share a memory of how you taught “honor” in the comments below!

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