Pulling at Pullen

3 wm

Variety and experience are what makes being a toddler so awesome. Everything is new to them, excitement levels are always at 100%, and fear isn’t quite yet a four letter word.  That being said, we found ourselves in a rut of the same activities done on a weekly basis. Thankfully, there is never a shortage of new places to check out in the area, we just need to take the time to go!  And that is just what we did on a sunny Monday morning.

5 wm

All parks and playgrounds are the same, right?! WRONG! Each park and playground brings a new experience and we had a great experience at Pullen Park in Raleigh.  As we entered the park, #theadventuresofsj was hit with the opportunity to run in different directions to participate in different exciting activities. We started with the playground area that had an awesome, sensorily pleasing ground with many different age climbing structures.  What made the toddler playground area even better was the appropriate amount of room at the end of a slide. I hate when #theadventuresofsj can independently complete the sequence of a slide and then ends up two inches away from a sidewalk at the bottom of the slide. How is that safe for the toddler who has just mastered walking at a brisk speed?!  We then took a snack break (everyone should check out Lunchbots, they are awesome for toting fruits and veggies along in a small container!) and watched the merry-go-round go round and round until #theadventuresofsj was ready for her first ride. As one would imagine, the excitement quickly turned into uncertainty. Thankfully, Galooney (my mother) was there to aide the uncertainty with sweet words and a smiling face. Following the unsure ride with requests for more as we walked out, we ventured to the paddle boat lake for a sweet interaction with the ducks and trips over the various bridges.  We ended our morning at the park with a request to return soon to ride the train.
1 wm

So what did this Monday morning teach me?! It taught me that even though #theadventuresofsj loves going to our regular play spots, it’s also needs a little adventure in her schedule.  She has talked about Pullen Park for over a week, so we will have to head to Raleigh every so often for some fun.  Share you favorite toddler adventure location in the comments below!

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