DIY-make it your own!

This DIY was unlike any of the others that I have created in the past. This DIY was documented. It amazes me how looking back at a DIY makes me think about the updates I can make the next time I DIY this project (I have already had a few requests from friends!).  Some have asked about my “work station” and I’d like to take moment to explain how simple DIY set ups can be! First, ALWAYS work on a sheet, tarp or old shower curtain. Not only does it protect the ground from whatever craziness that might happen, but it also prevents any forgotten nails, screws, and woodshavings from being left over for toddler fingers to find. Second, find a support that is actually supprtive and makes what you are doing easier! For this project, I used some plastic boxes and old ice cube freezer bins that I had used in my old classroom. Last, don’t be afraid for it to be “wrong”! Many of the IKEA hack learning towers that I saw had a dowel across the back rather than a piece of wood. This allows for more room to get in and out. It also meant having to make a space for the dowel with tools I didn’t have. Simple change that made it user friendly to make and more toddler friendly to use. #theadventuresofsj uses it as an anchor to hold as she climbs up and down.


#theadventuresofsj LOVES her “step-stool”! She eats most of her meals standing at the counter now and her interest in trying new foods has increased tremendously!  We continue to get a lot of, “I don’t like that!” but she’s at least trying “new” things like peaches with the skin, pepper slices, and a variety of cheeses. Even though this has only been in our house for a week, I can’t imagine not having it!  What did we do before she was safely at counter height?!

Share a DIY project that you have created in the comments below!

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