Father’s Day

1 wm

Father’s Day used to be a day that we would do something special for my dad and that was it.   My sister and I love my dad to pieces.  We love him for all of his quirks and how they have shaped us for life.  For instance, my knowledge of Billy Joel, Elton John, The Beatles and Jethro Tull at a young age was unlike any I have ever seen. Post college, as friends were getting married and people were beginning to have kids, someone said to me that Father’s Day brings on a whole new meaning when you can celebrate the father of your own child.  That you can really see how much a father loves his child(ren) when it’s your own.  Boy was this person right.  After having #theadventuresofsj, I was about to see how different a father’s love looks as a parent and not as a child.
So I definitely don’t say it enough, but my husband is amazing!  Not only does he put up with all of my crazy antics–having at minimum three jobs at a time and complicating things to the max (he has nicknamed me “The Complicator”); but he is spectacular with #theadventuresofsj.  I knew the moment I met him that he was going to be a grade-a, gold star dad!  The way he listens to every little thing she has to say, how he manages to always prepare her food the right way, “no mommy, daddy make dinner!” and the complete and utter love that he has for her are just a few of the thousands of reasons why Father’s Day is that much more important to sprinkle him with extra kisses and hugs.   Just today, he spent three hours on the floor with #theadventuresofsj working on push ups (#theadventuresofsj wasn’t so successful at them, but daddy wasn’t so successful at barrel rolling across the living room floor…we all have strengths right?!) and identifying coins to put into her piggy bank.  It warmed my heart that he was taking the time to work on skills that I find important (hello gross motor and fine motor skills!) all while creating meaningful memories that were later talked about at dinner.
Happy Father’s Day to my dear husband that puts up with more than one man should.  We love you to the moon and back!  Happy Father’s Day to my dear dad!  Happy Father’s Day to my father-in-laws! Happy Father’s Day to all of the other dads out there.  You all deserve an extra big hug, an extra hour of sleep, and maybe a whole meal to yourself (I’m sure all dad’s know this feeling!).


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