Smiling Sisters 

28 wm

Being a big sister is a BIG deal!  You spend nine whole months prepping through reading books, talking about a baby brother or sister and coming to terms with the fact that your family isn’t going to be just you and your parent(s) anymore.  And after all of that, a little baby comes home and turns a once orderly and routine world upside down.  That being said, a new member of the family is VERY exciting!

40 wm

I was able to capture this sweet transition as baby M joined big sister E on a rainy morning.  Watching a relationship grow from an idea (because pre-baby, that’s what a sibling is to a toddler) to an actual relationship is precious.  Prior to M’s arrival, E would tell me about the baby in her mommy’s tummy.  That the baby’s name was Walter, that she was going to hold it, and that it was too small to do puzzles.  When I was able to meet M for the first time, their relationship was only 11 days old, but it was stronger than some that have been developing for years.  E, like many other toddlers out there, showed her love and affection in her own special way.  Throughout my time on the back porch, E shared her mommy, was appeased by her daddy, and had quite the appetite for cucumber (she managed to eat an entire cucumber in a three hour session!); however, while all of this occurred, she made sure to keep an eye on baby M.   This watchful eye was foreshadowing to what is ahead for M.  The fact that she will always have a loving, trustworthy and helpful big sister on her side!

17 wm

Watching the relationship between E and M had me think about how special a sibling relationship is.  How the two girls will have a lifetime of laughs, tears and memories.  I think back to how protective I was as a big sister when my sister came home from the hospital.  How we had our ups and downs, but in the end, we were always there for each other.  We had so many good times together and now as adults, we still manage to get into just as much trouble as when we were little kids.  I think ahead to when one day #theadventuresofsj will have a sibling and how much fun it will be to watch the two of them create meaningful bonds that will never be broken.  Share your favorite sibling memory in the comments below!

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