Take Me Out To The Ball Game

4 wm

#theadventuresofsj loves a good evening with just Mommy and Daddy.  She loves having our full attention with minimal work email checking and only a few, “STOP, let Mommy take a picture!” breaks.  Her smiles are a little wider, her belly laughs a little louder, and her hugs last a little longer. She hates the hustle and bustle of the work we as much as we do.  There is a lot of time where it is just one of us with her because the other one has to run an errand, do a chore and work.  It’s amazing how she can tell when we are having true family time, where nothing else matters besides what is happening between the three of us.   We definitely don’t have enough of these moments, as I’m sure many parents can agree with.  What a better evening out than a night at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park?!

5 wm

My husband’s company has a tradition of bringing families together for an evening of food, comradery and all around relaxation, they have an evening out at a Durham Bulls game.  They provide a great spread that makes the stress of finding food to fill a toddler’s zero to one hundred hunger scale easy (although that being said, another score for the Lunchbot for quick and simple snacks on the go!) AND keeps the runners contained in a pretty small area with lots of adult eyes.  You know, everyone keeps an eye out for a toddler climbing the stairs by herself…no one wants to deal with the toddler falling down the stairs to ruin the evening.  All of these factors together allowed us to stay out way past #theadventuresofsj’s bedtime with zero tears! Score for Mommy and Daddy!  #theadventuresofsj liked being around everyone and LOVED seeing Wool-E-Bull drive around in the go-cart. We had that, “oh…that’s my kid” moment as she was talking to the mascot during the National Anthem.  It’s amazing how the a mascot can bring so much joy and possibly so much fear to a toddler.  We made it through almost the first inning with giggles and excitement.  As we drove home, #theadventuresofsj snoozed with a grin from ear to ear.

3 wm

Those smiles are the ones that we have to work hard to get, not with cool, expensive experiences; rather with being able to turn off everything else in our lives to focus solely on the time together.  I think back to my childhood and what I remember.  I remember my dad turning on music every Saturday morning and together as a family we would clean.  This activity did not cost money or require many supplies.  It required time and patience, which are two characteristics that still hold true to strong family relationships. Share your favorite family activity in the comments below!

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