…see you later!

4 wm

When you sign your child up for childcare, whether it be one morning a week or five full days, you are unsure about the experience that she is going to have.  You worry if she is going to be okay, are the teachers going to like her, and if the kids are going to accept her for who she is.  As time goes on, you see her grow and mature into a little person, not your little baby anymore. You see her get excited to go to school, talk about her friends over the weekend and know the school routine with her eyes closed.  You then know that this is where she belongs.

3 wm

This is how I knew that Nido was the right place for #theadventuresofsj. We definitely had our ups and downs. We went through every typical daycare illness from stomach bugs to hand foot and mouth, the need to be like her friends, and behavioral issues (on her part and others). But through all of these ups and downs, #theadventuresofsj couldn’t wait to get to school each morning.  She knew her routine and that she was loved by all, even on her not so nice days.

1 wm

As we ended our time at Nido this week and get ready to begin a new adventure (check back for this exciting announcement!), I realized what a huge impact our time there has made on us.  Not only did #theadventuresofsj create friendships, but I created friendships with other moms and dads that were in the same boat as I was.  The work from home, or wherever I can get an internet connection boat.  The work during nap time, no matter how long or short that nap time might be boat.  The don’t get to socialize often with other adults because that time is needed for work boat.  That boat is one that has a fun balance that Nido helped to keep light and full of laughter.  Thanks for all of the fun times and we can’t wait to, “see ya later” because friendships never get a, “goodbye.”

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