New Adventures 

The time has come that I need to come to terms with the new adventures that my family is about to embark on.  Our family summer plans are almost over and it’s time to start getting ready for the next adventure! As with everything that parenting throws you, there is never such a thing as a forever routine.  Once you get comfortable with how things are going, a new “wrench” is thrown into the mix. Some are planned and some are out of the blue. But all make like exciting and interesting!

Two years ago, when I made the decision to leave the classroom, I thought I would never be going back. The idea of missing #theadventuresofsj’s milestones, the long days (IEP meetings just make them even longer…) and the cost (that’s a whole other headache) were just a few of the deciding factors on my pro/con list of returning to work.  I found a nanny gig and a part time job that I could do from anywhere (free wifi is amazing!) and I was set.  Fast forward two years, and touring preschools. Mind you, the preschool touring process is like touring colleges at 18. Stressful, intimidating and overwhelming are just a few emotions that run through your head as you walk through the clean walls with brightly colored artwork.  During one, an opportunity to rejoin the classroom knocked on my door and I took it!  So come the fall, #theadventuresofsj and I will head to school!

This new adventure begins in a few weeks, and I’m looking at it as a blank canvas. My love of teaching and creating a work/life balance will allow for a new opportunity to be different than my other teaching experiences. The excitement builds every time I receive an email or think about what fun activities can be planned for the upcoming year. Here’s to all of the parents that head back to work after an extended stay at home with their sweet ones! Share your experience about going back to work full time in the comments below!

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