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Being a parent is a great adventure. It has its ups and downs, decisions and far too many exciting times to count. However, it seems (and this is just from my experience), that the second you have your first child, the first question people ask is when the next one is coming!  You barely get back to wearing non maternity clothing, and the expectation is that you have a plan for putting them back on.  I have said this time and time again, when you are in the years between starting to have children and make the decision to finish having children, the first comment people say about exciting news is, “are you pregnant?!”  My husband and I are in this transitional stage right now. #theadventuresofsj is two and in full blow toddlerhood, sass and spunk all day long. My husband is busier than ever and  I’m ready to head back to full time work.  As I made this exciting news “Facebook official,” (see last blog post); the first comments I received were, “are you pregnant?!” and “when are you due?!”

8 bw wm

Now don’t get me wrong, I want to keep my family growing (I mean how cute are older and younger siblings; or in this case, cousins) but I also want to continue to career. I was able to spend a few days with my sister in law and adorable nephew, L.  L had everything about a new baby that one could love! Chubby cheeks, wiggly toes, baby grunts and coos and absolute amazing newborn squish that made me want to have another of my own because how could you not?! #theadventuresofsj loved him. Anytime he cried, she would try to identify his emotion, which was normally hungry or tired, and finally got up the courage to hold him which made the whole house melt!

During a morning of playing outside with #theadventuresofsj, we got to talking about having a second. The conversation about the obstacles-mental, physical, emotional, and financial to just name a few-of continuing to work versus taking time off. It was interesting to hear her perspective, as she’s planning on returning to work.  We both agreed that there is a stigma to having a second kid around that two year mark. As we talked about mutually known mamas, and how the first question that popped out of my mouth when we talked about one that had an almost two year old was, “are they trying for another?” Why is there this stigma?! Is it the baby sweetness has worn off? Mama’s body is in a new homeostasis? You miss that sweet smell of a baby head during late night feedings?
5 wm

All of this being said, babies are awesome and your own are the best (unless you’re a grandparent according to my mother, then your grand kids take the gold medal!)     But, why is the only exciting news you can have about having another kid?! This time in a mother’s (or father’s) life is full of excitement! I have two friends going back for masters degrees, a friend studying for a new state counselor’s license and I’m starting a new job–all of these experiences are awesome and deserve lots of excitement. Here’s to all of the parents out there doing great things for themselves…and their kids!

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