The Night Before Teaching

5 wm

It was the night before the first day back to teaching and all through the house mommy was excited and so was her spouse! #theadventuresofsj was sleeping snug in her bed, her lunch and her backpack ready to head to school with all her tools. Okay, enough rhyming, let’s get real…the night before going back from summer break (or a two-year hiatus), is always exciting and full of butterflies.  Over the last week, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many new coworkers, had a few meetings with my boss and been able to see #theadventuresofsj get to know her teachers for the year.

3 wm

As I watched #theadventuresofsj interact with her teachers and classmates, I realized how different my perspective is now as a parent. As a teacher, I would watch for a variety of characteristics and personality traits to identify possible behavior triggers and isolate awesome toddler skills.  As a parent, I had great joy watching #theadventuresofsj play, complete puzzles and help make some challah dough!  I had a proud mama moment when she used her words to start a conversation with another child.  Have I turned into that parent that I used to find annoying?! Probably…but how can you not be proud of your kid?

This perspective also brings me back to the years of hearing, “you will be a better teacher once you have kids,” and it couldn’t be more correct.  I had a professor once tell me that I will rethink all of my past successful lessons and make them even better once I’ve had to clean up glitter from my carpet at home.  My patience level has gone from 100% to 300%.  I used to be able to hear the question, “why?” ten times before asking for assistance from a co-teacher; now, I could play the “why?” game all day while continuing a conversation with another student and an adult.  Here’s to a great school year of laughs, love and lots of new!  Share your experience of sending your first child to school in the comments below.

**Labels from Mabel’s Labels, Backpack from Pottery Barn Kids, Lunchbox from Crocodile Creek**

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