Happy place

Don’t you love when you can find a place that you feel completely at home and you are completely at peace?!  Sometimes that place is home and sometimes it’s a random place in time that gives you those warm and fuzzies.  I love to find these places, especially with #theadventuresofsj.  Life flies by so quickly, so capturing every moment figuratively and literally is important.  In a blink of an eye, she’s “almost two” and off to school.  Before we started the next family adventure of me returning to work and #theadventuresofsj in all day preschool, we traveled up the east coast to visit family and friends.  Through this travel, the two of us spent a lot of time together!  We ventured across five states, two airports, and three interstate highways to spend almost a month in the glorious cool climate.

14 wm

From day one of our New York trip, #theadventuresofsj loved being outside.  The cooler temps (we left 100+ degrees everyday in North Carolina) and soft grass (the grass in our neighborhood is what we call prickly grass) made each day a little bit longer than the one before.  From the moment she woke up, we were outside exploring everything the little town I grew up in had to offer us.  Some would think that a big outing would be memorable, but we found that the little things are what we now remember the most.  She still talks about going to the public library that was in walking distance of my childhood home.  At that library, she played on the bench that was dedicated to her name sake, engaged with a handful of other children out for an afternoon of fun, and couldn’t read enough Pete the Cat.  And who can forget their first time on a carousel?! It took her four trips round and round the 125  year old carousel to gather the courage to sit on a horse that went “up and down,” but she did it with a smile from ear to ear.  She had more opportunities to perfect eating an ice cream cone than not.  At one point, she had a vanilla cone and chocolate cone, alternating with a sweet hum in her voice of happiness.  These magical times have led to lifelong memories that set the standard for all future big and small outings.

15 wm

As I sit here finishing this blog, I am amazed by how fast thinking about these memories make me smile.  They make me think about how stressful some of these situations were at the time and what exciting things are on the horizon.  How happy places pop up everywhere, and that I (we) need to stop and enjoy them.  Every happy place doesn’t need to be documented by photo or video and shared with every family member.  It’s just a happy place in a happy time.  Share your happy place moments in the comments below!

16 wm

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