Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

5 wm

365 days have come and gone. At times they seemed like they would never pass and other times they went by far too fast! You went from weeks of not sleeping past 4:00 am to us having to wake you to make it out the door. I truly thought we wouldn’t see that day until you were a teenager. But alas, you are a sassy two year old with more spunk and opinion than we could have ever imagined. Everything from, “are you listening to me?! I’m talking to you!” to, “daddy, do you want to hold me?” have melted our hearts and had us on the floor laughing. We couldn’t ask for a better little Curious George loving chicken than you! However, before your love of Curious George and Pitch Perfect 2 (yes, you read that right), you were obsessed with Sesame Street; which led to your Abby Cadabby inspired birthday!

6 wm

As the return to work mommy guilt began to build up, the need for the perfect party to ease the feelings began with a middle of the night Pinterest search.  (As I have been reminded, a two-year-old’s party is more for the adults because she would have been happy with a baby pool on the front lawn.) A few adorable options in my birthday prep belt and I was ready to make this a party for #theadventuresofsj to remember.  After her first birthday, we decided that we needed to pare it down and keep it small.  We found a great place that #theadventuresofsj calls “art school” (for those who watch Sesame Street, just think Murray) in South Durham called Bull City Craft.  It is a wonderful location filled with every art and craft that a kid would want to do with the mess staying there! Mr. Franklin made sure that #theadventuresofsj had the best birthday possible.  Everything from the markers to birthday crowns were perfect.  It made the idea of my sweet little baby turning two a little easier.

2 wm

As #theadventuresofsj’s special day is coming to an end, I reflect on the last two years and smile.  Smile for all of the struggles we have been through, smile for all of the fun, smile for all of the moments that I didn’t catch on camera and smile for all of the moments I did.  This sweet girl is now two and will tell anyone that asks that she is a big girl!  Share your baby turning two story in the comments below!

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