Airplanes For All

3-wmLife is full of surprises.  As infants become toddlers, toddlers become preschoolers and so on, the surprising experiences occur like the memory of the first time you held your sweet little baby.  You try to do what is best for your child and in turn your family makes you think about what’s best for you. Over the last month, my family went from me going back to work full time to leading a co-taught classroom. This meant that my time at home had to be delegated to meet our needs as well as the needs of my classroom.  This led to VERY little time for myself. Even the basic task of taking a shower turned into a task of keeping an eye on #theadventuresofsj. All of this being said, I find myself beyond thankful for other moms with sweet ones the same age as #theadventuresofsj.

1G is almost three weeks older than #theadventuresofsj and the two were inseparable for the first six months. The four of us would walk the mall for hours when we had to be “invisible” to the public.  His mom and I both came from the school system and both had plans for how we were going to handle maternity leave. Like any plan, our outcomes changed more than we could keep track of.  My plan was to go back after 12 weeks and we see how that played out. Fast forward to when she went back to work and I watched her deal with the struggle that I am currently in. The struggle of enjoying your job, completing everything that needs to be done for your job, spending enough quality time with your sweet little one, spending enough quality time with your spouse, keeping up with household chores and, last but certainly not least, having the time for yourself.  All of these tasks need to be done everyday but the feeling of accomplishing them to the fullest isn’t always there.  This is where friends come to the rescue. G’s mom reminds me that laundry can wait until the weekend and sometimes things have to be left until tomorrow.
19-wmThis brings me to birthdays.  Last year, we went above and beyond for #theadventuresofsj’s birthday.  After some great advice from G’s mom, this year’s party was low key and meaningful.  G’s second birthday was at our local airport’s observation park.  A toasty warm Saturday morning, with a handful of friends and lots of coffee for the parents, G welcomed his second year of life by watching airplanes, digging in sand and munching on bagels.  These sweet, simple moments are the ones that we remember and cherish.  Share your sweet memory of a simple moment in the comments below!

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