Staying motivated isn’t easy. With the day to day demands of life, random life events and sick days make staying motivated a near impossibility sometimes.  When starting something new, for instance a blog that you commit to writing one blog post a week, it is the top of the free time priority list.  Then life happens and free time changes to family time and blog posts fall by the way side.  The motivation to keep up with the expectation that you set for yourself needs to come from deep down…and sometimes it’s VERY hard.  But as motivation increases, the quality of work and relationships increases.


One of the areas that I find hard to stay motivated about is keeping up with the little kid friends that #theadventuresofsj makes throughout her early years.  We had a great group of core toddler friends from Nido Durham.   We were very sad to leave this group of friends but a few amazing mamas made sure to keep the group of kids together.  They are beyond motivated to not lose these previous moments that are sweet and simple.  They set up activities that are easy and fun.  These activities are easy motivators to stay involved.  Seeing our infants turn into toddlers and now preschoolers, it’s easy to get up early on a Saturday morning to come together for happy play.  Our latest outing was to Duke Gardens.  In a time of “toys that make noise,” a morning of an open field with bridges that double as slides and ducks that talk back to toddler chatter is priceless.


Life is life and finding ways to stay happy and motivated is key.  At times that is easier said than done, but you need to power through.  As I finish writing this blog post, I peek over at the video monitor and smile about how much being a mother has motivated me to do what makes me happy.  Share a time that you stayed motivated in the comments below!

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