Adding To The Crew


I love being in on a secret and celebrating a friend’s joy! When you are younger, you don’t realize how important a secret or “keeping things on the down low” really is.  People share with you and the spectrum of secrecy is not truly visible.  As you get older, the scale of secrecy becomes quite visible, especially when talking about getting pregnant, being pregnant and staying pregnant.  Before being in the mindset of wanting to get pregnant, you might not realize how hard it is to get pregnant and then stay pregnant.  There are families that wait years for those two pink lines to pop up.  When those two lines pop up, families get to make the exciting decision of if they will find out the gender of the baby at the exciting anatomy scan.


One of my friends is having a baby and it’s a girl!  The simple pink frosting threw everyone at a Halloween party into hysterics.  It’s the littlest details that bring the largest news!  From the moment she found out she was pregnant, we had the daily conversation about what we thought the gender of the baby was.  I used my knowledge of having been pregnant with a girl to analyze the stereotypical “pregnant with a girl” symptoms.  She rekindled her stereotypical “pregnant with a boy” symptoms to compare her current state to how she felt with M.  All in all, we had fun remembering being pregnant with our now busy toddlers.  We reminisced how quickly the nine months went by.  How we wished that sometimes things would just slow down so we could hold onto moments just a bit longer.    Share your favorite little/big secret in the comments below!

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