Catching up!

2016 has flown by. I had huge goals about blogging every week, getting my photography business up and running, and creating a picture perfect, Pottery Barn Kids inspired life for #theadventuresofsj. But, as life would have it, everything was thrown in a blender and puréed. Thankfully, my purée has turned into a delicious soup that just needed some delicate plating.  That whole idea of, “there’s a silver lining to everything,” rings true to 2016. Before I get into all of the changes that have occurred and all of the poof (cue large piles of confetti going off as you read this), I want to take a minute to talk, write, reflect about my goals for 2016! The one blog per week goal was going strong for the first half of the year. I was passionate about hunkering down every Saturday night at a local coffee shop and putting all of my thoughts together into that week’s edition of my magical life (insert snark and sarcasm).  Well that one took a turn when my coffee drinking, Saturday night working partner and I couldn’t get our acts together to save our lives. From sick kids to traveling husbands, the weeks turned into months and so did the length between my blog posts! Then there was the new meal goal. Again, just like going to the gym, January and February were strong, March and April were great, and then it went downhill from there. The meals started out on point. #theadventuresofsj was eating such a variety of food that she was even impressing other parents at preschool!  Alas, life got busy and the excitement behind finding new recipes went by the wayside. And there ya go, caught up on 2016 goals.  
So now onto 2017.  From September 2016 on, the ability to stay focused on my 2016 goals has been hard but not for lack of trying or lack of focus.   My preschool job turned into a kindergarten job.  The kindergarten classroom rekindled all of the kindergarten-creativity that had been on hiatus.  For me, teaching kindergarten is like riding a bike, a little shaky at the beginning and then gliding along before I knew it.  I work with an awesome community that make me feel comfortable in my own skin and appreciate the “Shark Tank” ideas that flow out of my mouth on the daily.  But to top off all of the loving feelings, I get to be in the same building as #theadventuresofsj!  How many people get to say that they are able to sneak a peek at their child snoozing during nap time or share a hallway hug on the daily?!  I am beyond thankful for this and can’t imagine going back to full-time work in any other capacity.  
Now back to figuring out attainable 2017 goals (oh yes, they need to be measurable and attainable…thank you special education brain).  Last year was focused on filling my time with activities to keep me from going crazy while trying to fit ten hours of work into a three hour nap time.  This year, my focus has shifted.  It has shifted to what I spent almost two years doing as I figured out ways to crawl back to my new routine.  It has shifted to my little breakfast table and away from spending late nights at school.  Stay tuned for the 2017 goals and all of the crazy that we manage to get into!

**PS…Shout out to all of my clients this year.  Each of your sessions have been amazing and I can’t wait to continue learning from each of you in the future!


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