Happy New Year!


Happy 2017 all! Or should I say y’all?! Have I lived in the south long enough for that to be the new norm? I’ll leave that for another blog post and it will probably need to involve some food photos.  Anyways, 2016 rolled out with some interesting feelings and 2017 had altered them to a whole different perspective.  This blog post is a little late but better late than never.  From January 1st to now, politics have completely changed and so have my goals for the year…


My goals for 2017 include being happy, making the most of every moment for #theadventuresofsj, and being present in every moment.  Being happy, can be a light thought and have heavy follow through.  In a time when you are never sure what is going to be on the nightly news, twitter, Facebook, and what protest will happen next, it is almost unnerving to put your own happiness first.  That being said, I always tell the parents of my students that my number one job is to make sure that their children are happy, safe, and healthy.  A student needs to be all of these things before he or she is ready to learn. The same applies for adults.  To be able to function as a member of society, you need to be happy, healthy and safe.  Of the three, happiness is one that I have control over.  As much as I had convinced myself that going back to work wouldn’t change my relationship with #theadventuresofsj, it has.  I feel as though my attention is always split and it needs to stop.  I need to allot work time and play time.  The two need to stay in their own compartmentalized parts of my brain so that I can thoroughly enjoy each moment of both.  The last goal, goes along with the second.  Being present is key.  As #theadventuresofsj gets older, she notices when one is not present.  My husband and I often hear, “put your phone down,” and “I’m talking to you!”  In addition to the fact that she is two and two in every sense of the word, she is right.  Her unedited honesty of, “mommy, pay attention!” is as real as sliced bread and chocolate pudding.


Here’s to a year full of fun, surprises, and genuine happiness.  Oh, and let’s not forget, LOTS of toddler giggles, preschool messes, and continued growth!

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