A Pastel Sprinkle

For the love of a sweet little princess, who doesn’t love celebrating a new bundle of joy! This sweet mama and I met over a year ago at a local park in Durham.  We were both pushing our toddlers on the swings and started up a conversation about our love of Target, finding things to fill those awkward hours after nap time, and our husbands’ work travel. In my opinion, it was a match made in heaven.  As our friendship grew, the talk of a second child came up often.  Although our timelines for second children were different, the excitement was there.  In late August, she shared that the time had come to begin the journey of having a second child.  With support and love, on Halloween 2016, they shared that they were expecting a little girl!

Throughout the entire pregnancy, Renee has been nothing but a trooper.  She battled nausea, heartburn, and an active toddler to just name a few. Each time we spoke, she had another “shake your head” moment that she took with stride. To top it all off, this sweet mama is redesigning a house and moving!  So many exciting things in nine short months.  This mama needed a moment of pampering, friendship, and some delicious cake!

With a huge amount of help from another mom in the area, a party to celebrate this sweet princess was on the calendar.  Menu was planned, fun gifts were made, and invitations were sent.  The day of the sprinkle was perfect.  The weather was warm and the decorations were beautiful.  The love for this sweet baby was everywhere.

Just under a month after this party, I received a sweet text from this mama with a photo of this sweet princess…big pink bow and all!  I can’t wait to meet this sweet one later this week!

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