Strawberry Picking

How did we get to spring break already!? When I started this blog, I had big ideas like photographing and writing every week…but life got in the way. I’m learning to enjoy the special moments in life that make the memories for a lifetime.  However, the grandparents do miss all of the photos. My goal over spring break was to take photos to update the picture frames at their houses…and we got one outing photographed.  Hey–we will take each victory with great triumph.  This small triumph was a small trip to the strawberry farm!

The strawberry farms are a perk of living in North Carolina.  I always say how wonderful the apples in the fall are in upstate New York, but the strawberries in the spring in North Carolina are just as wonderful!  The joy of the morning sun on the short bushes with toddler fingers grabbing at ripe strawberries might be the most amazing feeling as a mother.  The only addition to this feeling is watching your child share this experience with her “best friend” and “big sister”.   #theadventuresofsj met her match on the first day of school this year.  The two of them have been inseparable and keep each other in check daily.  Her best friend has a big sister, who, just for a fun fact is also in my kindergarten class! #theadventuresofsj thinks of her as her big sister. I’m not quite sure where she got this idea or language but, as with all cute things kids do, it gives me all of the warm and fuzzies. The three girls took on the strawberry fields with great excitement and empty bellies. I swear they ate their weight in delicious, organic strawberries.

To top it all off, there was homemade ice cream.  This ice cream was so amazing that #theadventuresofsj needed five cups to make sure she had her fill.  These little moments make toddlerhood have some highs and makes the lows not seem to bad.  Looking at these photos, I quickly forget how there were two accidents that day, that required two full outfit changes before noon.  I quickly forget how #theadventuresofsj faceplanted on a gravel driveway and ended up having a scraped chin for a few weeks.  I remember the giggles, the strawberry kissed cheeks, and the handheld toddler joy.

I started this blog in April…it is now the end of May…I would like to thank toddlerhood for this.  Every time I sat down to write this, a sweet little girl would ask to curl up on my lap.  Can anyone argue with that!? Here’s to summer and adventures!

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