A Rainbow of Duke Blue

I have worked a stones throw away from a Duke campus for the past three years.  I have lapped Duke’s East Campus more times than one would like to share trying to get overtired babies to sleep.  I have used it’s physical location as a place for many buy/sell/trade deals.  But have I ever really stopped and looked at the beauty of the buildings and campus?!…NO!  Well that all changed on one VERY hot weekend in the middle of July.

I was asked to take photos of Duke to possibly be used as a cover photo for an upcoming pamphlet that would be dispersed to students. I was honored and couldn’t wait to get started.  It had been a while since I had been on campus, and when I arrived, I didn’t realize how much construction there was.  Finding a prime spot to find one image that was “Duke” was much easier said then done.  When most people think of Duke, they think of the Chapel, which was the one location that was off limits…shocking right?!  So next, I did a little crowd sourcing to find out that many thought of the beautiful flowers and trail around the campus with the academic building in the background were the perfect imagery of Duke.  (Thanks to all of the folks in Whole Foods for answering a very sweaty me and a VERY frustrated #theadventuresofsj who was upset that her sorbet was eaten…)  Round one of Duke shoot was done…and none of the photos were thought to be an image that encompasses all of the wonder that Duke is.

I complete round two of Duke shoot with a very different thought in mind.  Started it at 7:30 am versus 4:00 pm on a much cooler day.  I thought about an incoming student and what he or she would like to show off about his or her school.  Forty minutes later, I was extremely satisfied with the images that I had captured.  While none of the images from either session were chosen for the project, I was happy that I was able to take the constructive criticism and look at the project through a different lens…

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