Off To The Aquarium!

Family vacations are always an interesting mix of relaxation, too much technology, and tourist fun!  While on our first family vacation of the summer, #theadventuresofsj experienced her first aquarium.  My husband has been WAITING to take her to an aquarium for over a year.   He wanted to make sure that she was ready to check out all of the cool things that an aquarium had to offer and not shut down at the first sight of a fish coming up to the glass.  (Can you tell that we might have reason to be worried about this?!  Truth be told, when we went to the zoo, #theadventuresofsj had a very unsettling run in with a gorilla that looked at her…she was so upset that we had to walk completely around the exhibit or else a screaming fit would begin.) This was the perfect opportunity for a mid week adventure. He had researched the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center for weeks, looking at all of the exhibits and all of the marine life that we would see.

(this photo might be one of my favorite photos from the entire trip)

#theadventuresofsj was pumped the morning of this wet’n’wild adventure!  She couldn’t wait to get out the door and the short car ride seemed to take forever with all of questions–Are we there yet? Will there be a whale? Do I get to swim with the animals?  In true toddler fashion, when we got there, she wanted to explore from the safety of her stroller.  But hey, who am I to judge, rolling through a crowded place from the safety of a smooth ride?!  As we explored, the wonder and awe in her eyes and expressions was worth the almost three-nager behavior that we encountered.  During one of our walks through the sea tunnels, we saw an employee cleaning the tank.  We could have stayed in the tunnel for the entire trip, just watching the employee use a suction cup to not float away.  #theadventuresofsj tested her bravery by touching the stingrays and coming face to face with a shark.  This adventure was one that will forever be with us.  Another first to put in the memory book for #theadventuresofsj, another first for our little family heading out into the great world, and another first for an amazing summer!

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