Happy Birthday!

Another year has gone by and #theadventuresofsj is no longer a toddler! Three is a big deal. People complain about two year olds until you talk to parents that have a three year old. The names can say it all: threenager, three going on 13, and my absolute favorite, how old are…NO! But there is something so sweet about this phase. Something that is magical about having the little human that needed to be on your hip at all times turn and say, “mama, I can do it by myself.”

Since #theadventuresofsj has made the transition to a true three year old, so many of her baby-isms are drifting away in the blink of an eye. Her pacifier “broke”, she’s fully potty trained, and she’s beginning to lose her nap. She has opinions, has likes and dislikes, and the personality that was once seen through her eyes is now coming alive! Don’t get me wrong, we also have had many “toddler lectures” about how she is disappointed or frustrated by telling her to take a bath. It’s all worth it though!

As Bull City Craft helped make her party as wonderful as could be, I want to share how we are going to make three as wonderful as it can be for #theadventuresofsj! We will stop offering fashion suggestions as long as her clothing is weather appropriate, offer her as many new and flavorful foods as we can while accepting “no thank you” bites as food victories, and to remember that messes (even the big ones…like an entire cup of paint water being knocked onto the rug) are only laundry problems. Life happens, we learn from it, and become better people! Happy birthday, sweet chick!

**note that this post is VERY late, but you know, life…

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